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Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum

      C4H Online Resource Library

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      Welcome to the Capacity for Health (C4H) Online Resource Library! C4H is a project funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide capacity building assistance to community based organizations involved in HIV prevention. Here, you will find a wide variety of FREE resources (e.g. online trainings, recorded webinars, documents, links, etc.) that are organized by the following three main topic areas: organizational infrastructure, HIV prevention programs, and monitoring and evaluation.

      The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported. Access PDF files on this site by installing Adobe Acrobat Reader. Use Office Online File Converters and Viewers to open files that are in a different version than your Office program or to view them if you do not have Office installed on your computer. These programs are free to download and install.

      Organizational Infrastructure & Program Sustainability

      These topic areas are related to the leadership and management processes of "running" an organization.

      Evidence-Based Interventions and Public Health Strategies
      (EBI and PHS)

      These topic areas focus on strengthening an organization's ability to implement effective interventions.

      Monitoring and Evaluation

      These topic areas are related to measuring the process and outcomes of programs and to understanding the overall strengths and areas for improvement.